How to Choose the Best Safety Razor for Women

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Are you among the women who have made the switch to double edge safety razors? If not, then you are missing out.

Choosing a double-edge safety razor is better for the environment, better for your skin, and also for your wallet. When using this razor, only one razor edge comes into contact with your skin at any given time as opposed to using a cartridge razor with so many blades. Another reason why these razor blades are gaining popularity among women is that using them substantially reduces the amount of irritation that you get from shaving.

So, how do you choose the best safety razor for women in the market?

  • Aggressiveness

If you’re a beginner, you need to consider the aggressiveness of your double edge razor. You can either choose a mild or a non-aggressive razor; however, if you choose to use the aggressive ones, then you need to be careful. The spacing between the combs controls the aggressiveness of a razor, which in turn determines how much blade is displayed. The blade becomes sharper and more forceful as the space widens and the blade becomes more exposed.

  • Easy Maintenance

A safety razor should be simple to keep clean. All you have to do is let it air dry in between usage to lengthen its life. You may inspect and clean the razor by changing the blades, lowering the risk of infection and rust. While shaving in the shower is popular, leaving your safety razor in an overly humid environment is strongly discouraged.

  • Extra Length

One important thing to consider when buying the best safety razor is the length. If your razor has a longer handle, it will allow a bit more reach for legs, underarms, and even your private areas. And because women don’t tend to focus on the small area of the face, a longer handle will be nice. TEven when reaching down to your toes, this extended length allows you to let the razor’s weight do the heavy lifting.


Shaving time is self-care time. More and more women are embracing the use of safety razors to take control of their personal grooming and still make a positive impact on the environment. To get the best safety razor for women visit our site at CEMCO and start making your selection. At CEMCO Enterprise, we are committed to bringing our clients beautiful and sustainable products that will make them feel good.

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