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Protective Face Shield

Face shields are transparent plastic or acrylic barriers that cover the entire face, from brow to neck and ear to ear. They have the ability to prevent direct contact with respiratory droplets in the eyes, nose, and mouth. They also make it impossible for the user to touch their eyes which can cause contamination. Aside from that, why do we need to own a Protective Face Shield?

First of all, face shields appear to prevent inhalation of a significant amount of aerosol-size particles, a critical aspect of personal protection. With that in mind, our face shields are easier to disinfect with conventional disinfectants. No doubt that face shields are likely to be more comfortable than face masks for many people. This may be especially beneficial for people who have trouble breathing.

Also, Transparent Face Shields allow people to see and interpret facial expressions more clearly. Face shields are the only method of personal protection with the ability to see the users’ face, lips, and/or mouth in schools, day cares, or careers where nonverbal communication is especially important (e.g., working with hearing-impaired individuals). In general, our face shields provide great personal protection from infectious particles.

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