Platinum Stainless Steel Double Edge Safety Razor Blades – (100 Blades)


There are several different types of safety razors available. While they all promise a smooth shave, each brand’s effectiveness varies little yet significantly. Here at, we assure you of the highest quality razors available. The characteristics you may anticipate from our Safety Razor Blades are listed below.

  • The perfectly balanced weight provides the highest quality optimal shaving experience achievable by a straight safety razor. It also has got luxury design; platinum stainless steel double edge safety razor blade construction for easy dismantling and cleaning.
  • While all blades are designed to fit into safety razors, our blades are distinguished by their sharpness. The Double Edge Razor Blades are perfect for getting the smoothest, cleanest shave possible; trimming the hair without nicking the skin, tough on the hair yet gentle on the skin.
  • Our Double Edged Blades are excellent for a variety of applications and may be used in both double edge and callus shavers, making them incredibly versatile and convenient. Each blade in the set is of exceptional quality and comes at an affordable price.

Definitely, the above features make our double edge razor stand out. No matter your skin type, we got you what you need!


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