Protective Face Shield to Prevent Sprays and Direct Droplets in the Air, Saliva splash, and Oil splash with Elastic Band and Soft Sponge headband for a comfortable wear (5 Pack)



    • – TRANSPARENT FACE SHIELD – This transparent Safety Face Protective Shield is a high-quality, durable, anti-scratch, anti-fog, reusable Face Protective Shield design to HD protective screen standard
    • – FULL FACE PROTECTION: Made from PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) material with double sided anti-fog transparent protective cover to protect your whole face, eyes, nose and mouth from direct contact with saliva splash, liquids, dust, oil splash, sprays and direct droplets in the air
    • – MULTIPLE USES: Suitable for use in hospitals, care & Nursing homes, restaurants, shops, beauty salons, nail shops, pet shops, kitchen, gardening, construction, and cleaning as well as other environments that require respiratory protection
    • – EASY TO WASH AND REUSE: Easy to wash and reuse, using water or even alcohol disinfectant.
    • – COMFORTABLE FOR LONG WORKING HOURS: The surface contacts with the skin has a soft sponge, the rope is elastic, and it is lightweight comfortable for long time wearing for longer working hours

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